art school observation club

The Art School Observation Club

Some time ago Urs Lehni iniciated the art school observation club. This is our humble aim:

“We are a group of students from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG Karlsruhe) who try to analyze the current state of arts and design education in Europe and all around the world. We designed a questionnaire to collect data about art schools and research design education in general.

We want to provide a catalog of design schools to show the directions, aims and philosophies and present them with publications and later on with the survey results. The final step will be to process all the data, finish the website and create an overview and reference book, that provides information about all the design institutions.”

Today we finally sent out our questionaire to some design departments in Germany.

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The photographs of the questionaire are by Johannes Hucht.

Soon we will have a print run of the english edition. At the moment we are looking for students organizing the distribution of the questoinare at their art schools. So if you are interested in this survey, drop by at to get in touch.

November 24th, 2011 at 9:11 pm