Open Source Publishing

Talks on Poetic Machines and Conviction in Design

The first two Videos of the talks held at Designblast 2011 are online. You can now watch Sebastian Noels and Harrissons talk in full length on vimeo.

Sebastian Noel is part of Troika, a London based design-studio. In his talk he presents some poetic machines and computer-driven installations that Troika created for London Airport, Victoria & Albert Museum and the Expo 2010 in Sanghai.

Harrison in his talk explains why you can’t set Marx’s Kapital with proprietary designsoftware and talks about his studio Open Source Publishing. OSP act from conviction when they only use royalty-free software for their work. Harrisson is living proof, that you don’t need Adobe to do good design with a computer and shows that there ist a lot of potential when designers reclaim their tools.

A lot of thanks go to Jürgen Foerst, for the live footage and his patience while he was blocked from his computer for three days of rendering.

Dezember 15th, 2011 at 8:10 pm